Building Food Chains and Food webs

This activity has been developed for students between 10 and 15 years old.

Children should be be separated into three groups. Using the images in the files of this section, students will build, beginning from a simple food chain, food webs in three different marine environments. An example of marine food chain is given in this section


  • Each group will be given one of the three posters (sandy, rocky bottom or open-sea).
  • They will also be given the four posters illustrating marine flora and fauna (named as producers, consumers-zooplankton, consumers-zoobenthos, consumers-fish, reptiles, mammals).
  • Each group has to place each species (or group of species) at the appropriate level of the food chain for the selected environment.
  • Each species at different food chain levels must also be connected with arrows indicating who eats whom.
  • Note that in some cases the same species may exist in more than one environment.

At the end of the game, the three posters can be put in the classroom.

Note: You can retrieve all required information on trophic levels in the Role play game, in the "Biodiverter" interactive game, as well as in the "Teachers' zone" of our site.

The great marine book

Download the word file with "The Great Marine Book" game.