Romanian MPAs

Currently Romania has six official Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

The sites are:

  • The Vama Veche - 2 Mai reserve
  • Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve – marine part
  • Underwater sulphurous springs near Mangalia
  • The marine area from Cape Tuzla
  • The submerged beach from Eforie North – Eforie South
  • Methanogenic submerged structures from Sfantu Gheorghe
Vama Veche - 2 Mai Reserve

This entirely marine reserve covers 5,000ha along 7km of coast and is located in southern Romania, between 2 Mai village and the Bulgarian border.

The Vama Veche - 2 Mai reserve has more than 10 different marine habitats types including Zostera meadows, sandbanks, mudflats and reefs.

  • Zostera noltii. © Dragos Micu

The area is also home to many fish and marine mammal species including Common dolphin Delphinus delphis, Bottlenosed dolphin Tursiops truncatus and Harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena.

The human pressures on the area are generally low. Combined with the wide range of habitats and high number of species this makes the reserve a very special place.