D8.1A GIS Technical meeting –Technical workshop

Design RULES for data sharing and GEODATABASE Architecture

Lecce 17th and 18th of May 2012

The aim of the GIS Technical meeting is to create a GIS group to support COCONET community for the production and submission of GIS data during the lifespan of the project (the group involves1-2 data expert from each WPs and GIS expert within WP9).

This meeting will be a preparatory action for the virtual focused workshop: "Review of existing European protocols and standards for data and metadata sharing and definition of data flow rules between partners" where all WP9 partners will be involved.

The main objectives of this meeting are:

1. asses rules for submitting data;

2. review of GIS facilities available (Software and Hardware);

3. asses format of GIS data;

4. analyse the GIS layers to include in the Geodatabase;

5. design the architecture of the COCONET data model revising the ESRI marine Data model:

6. organize a GIS training course for COCONET partners.

Expected outcomes:

  1. draft handbook schema with instructions for GIS data production and submission to be finalized during the virtual focused workshop;
  2. list of GIS software to be used in COCONET;
  3. preliminary schema of the COCONET data model to be finalised during the virtual focused workshop;
  4. preliminary UML schema of the GEODATABASE architecture;
  5. proposal of GIS training course with list of volunteer teachers to be involved


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