Workshop on Synthesis on knowledge on genetic connectivity in Mediterranean and Black Sea

Barcelona 11th -13th June 2012


The aim of WP3 is to identify the existing network of connectivity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea to assess the current effectiveness of the present network of MPAs for favouring conservation. Genetic connectivity has been studied in different species along the area, with different markers and at various geographical scales. However, the information gained through those studies has not been integrated and related to the features of connectivity identified by modeling efforts as essential to resilience.


The objectives of the workshop to be held in Barcelona are:


1- The synthesis on knowledge on genetic connectivity in Mediterranean and Black seas.

2- The definition of propagules and dispersal.

3- The link between life history interacting with dispersal, oceanography and modelling.

4- The construction of a genetic database for further modelling and integration with habitat mapping and environmental change.

5- The definition of the workplan regarding genetic analysis to take place in vision of connectivity assessment taking place in year 2 and 3 at both local and regional scales in the Mediterranean and Black seas.


The expected outcomes will be:


(1) A literature review including points (1) (2) (3),

(2) The identification of areas lacking genetic studies and fundamental to assess connectivity in the area.

(3) The identification of key model species from different taxonomic groups with sets of different features in terms of ecological roles and of dispersal mechanisms for further genetic studies.

(4) The development of the most appropriate framework for genetic data storage for mapping and analysis of connectivity.

Due to the number of partners and teams in the project this task will contribute into leveling knowledge, transferring of knowledge and technology and capacity building.


This announcement is to identify participants of each partner group attending the meeting and willing to participate in the working tasks. We kindly request partner leaders to forward this information to possible participants.

Interested participants should send their names and e-mails to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 13th April 2012.

Due to the size of the workshop and the large number of partners one or two participants will be selected from each group.

In two weeks we will send the list of participants with all the relevant information relative to lodging.

We will also send a file to be filled by each participant with information of population genetic data of marine Mediterranean organisms. These data will represent a basis for discussion during the workshop, for the synthesis of knowledge and the construction of a genetic.

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