The Virtual workshop Socioeconomic Impacts of Networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), 8-12 December 2014

Virtual Workshop: Socio-economic impacts of networks of MPA

Elena Ojea

The Virtual workshop Socioeconomic Impacts of Networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) was conducted on the week of the 8-12th December 2014 with the objective of combining the existing experience from the socioeconomic analysis of MPAs conducted in CoCoNet Task 6.1. The Virtual Workshop was organized around three TOPIC lines. Topic 1 was Planning a Costs and benefits analysis of MPAs in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Topic 2 was the Discussion on the “Marine Economic Instrument Index deliverable”, and Topic 3 was the Agreement on dissemination activities, publications and outreach. A total of 36 emails were exchanged by 19 participants during the 5 days of the Virtual Workshop. Participants ranged from a diverse range of expertise and backgrounds, all related to the conservation and management of Marine Protected Areas. Coconet and external participants interacted and this combination provided very interesting feedbacks.

The Virtual Workshop offered a platform for information exchange and has provided the tools and information needed to continue the work in Coconet, Task 6.1 and to open the research to potential collaborators. A roadmap for the following work was agreed, information on the potential study areas in the Mediterranean and Black Sea pilot cases was exchanged and a publication strategy was agreed. We are thankful to the participants and their fruitful comments and hope this will have resulted in a good set of international collaborations with successful publications.


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