The International Black Sea Day 2015

The International Black Sea Day was celebrated this year on 30 October at Taksim Point Hotel, İstanbul, Turkey.


A press meeting was organized by Prof. Bayram Öztürk, responsible for the outreach activities of CoCoNet, prior to the Black Sea Day. The journalists from Ukraine, Russia and Turkey attended this meeting. Prof. Öztürk made a presentation about the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and the CoCoNet Project. In the Turkish coasts of the Black Sea, five potential MPAs were proposed by Prof.Öztürk, including the CoCoNet pilot project area in Şile. The journalists were especially interested in the important role of MPAs and five TV channels in Turkey broadcasted the interviews with Prof. Öztürk.

The International Black Sea Day was celebrated with more than 50 participants from all Black Sea riparian countries, namely Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. There was a session of some international projects related to the Black Sea, such as CoCoNet, Perseus and DEVOTES. The short version of the CoCoNet documentary film was screened. At the end of the meeting, the local folk dance from the Turkish Black Sea coast was performed with the live music of ‘kemençe’. They were dressed in CoCoNet T-shirts during their performance. CoCoNet posters also were exhibited and CoCoNet T-shirts, mug cups and flash memories uploaded with CoCoNet documentary film “from hot spots to nets” were distributed during the meeting.




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