The Release of the First Issue of BioInvasions Records


Dear Colleague,

We wish to announce the release of the very first edition of BioInvasions Records

BioInvasions Records is an open access, rapid peer-reviewed international journal focusing on applied research on alien species and biological invasions in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of Europe, North America and other regions. The journal provides the opportunity of timely publication of first records of aquatic and terrestrial invaders and other relevant information needed for risk assessments and early warning systems.

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CoCoNET Summer Course

 Introduction to meta-analysis in ecology

University of Perpignan June 25th - July 1st 2012


Participants of the COCONET Summer Course in Meta analysis (June 24-July1), Perpignan, France, organized by Prof. Joachim Claudet, CNRS.

The first COCONET Summer School took place in Perpignan, from June 25th to July 1st, 2012. The course provided the participants with the basics to conduct meta-analyses in ecology, from the problem formulation, up to the data collection, analysis, and presentation. It was taught by Prof. Fiorenza Micheli (Stanford University, USA), Prof. Craig Osenberg (University of Florida, USA) and Dr. Joachim Claudet (National Center for Scientific Research, CRIOBE, France). The course was attended by 27 participants hailing from 14 countries (Albania, Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine).

Meta-analysis is the quantitative synthesis and analysis of a collection of independent studies. It provides a more objective and powerful way of summarising evidence across studies than descriptive reviews. The importance and utility of this quantitative method for answering new questions and synthesizing existing results in different fields of scientific research is demonstrated by the dramatic increase in the number of studies using meta-analysis in the last ten years.

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Workshop on Synthesis on knowledge on genetic connectivity in Mediterranean and Black Sea

Barcelona 11th -13th June 2012


The aim of WP3 is to identify the existing network of connectivity in the Mediterranean and Black Sea to assess the current effectiveness of the present network of MPAs for favouring conservation. Genetic connectivity has been studied in different species along the area, with different markers and at various geographical scales. However, the information gained through those studies has not been integrated and related to the features of connectivity identified by modeling efforts as essential to resilience.

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D8.1A GIS Technical meeting –Technical workshop

Design RULES for data sharing and GEODATABASE Architecture

Lecce 17th and 18th of May 2012

The aim of the GIS Technical meeting is to create a GIS group to support COCONET community for the production and submission of GIS data during the lifespan of the project (the group involves1-2 data expert from each WPs and GIS expert within WP9).

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D2.1 Workshop On Habitat Classification Schemes in Deep and Shallow Water Areas

Lecce 15th and 16th of May 2012

The core of WP2 is to integrate and combine the already existent information about habitat distribution and extent with a detailed assessment of pattern of distribution of human pressures. However, without knowing what exists where, it is very difficult to formulate effective management initiatives especially at basin scale. This task cannot be run without a throughout revision of habitat classification schemes. Most habitat mapping (both coastal and deep sea) is conducted on an ad hoc basis, with little consistency in terminology and ambiguous documentation. Environmental management and conservation require standardised classifications and terminology for habitats to enable consistent mapping and storage of information of the environment across all possible habitats.

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