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Effect of extraction of marine sand on bottom communities of objects of natural reserve fund.


At the present time is made the unauthorized extraction of marine sand on the shelf of the south‐west Crimean coast of the Black Sea in the waters of the objects of natural reserve fund and the areas to be reserved. This must be prevented. Cape Fiolent with the adjacent water area is a natural monument of local importance. On the bank Kazachya bay is reserve of national importance, work is underway to reserving the adjacent waters. Macrobenthos community of sand in these regions has a high level of development (abundance, biomass, number of species). In the community are dominating filter feeders, which play a significant role in maintaining a stable equilibrium under conditions of increasing anthropogenic pressure. In addition, the habitat of benthic feeding fish. In the course of work on the development and production of construction sand benthic organisms will die, the community will be destroyed of due to mechanical damage, resuspension of sediment silting. In the present‐day conditions sandy areas of the Crimean Black Sea shelf was reduced, communities sandy disappear and are replaced by depleted sludge biocenoses, causing significant damage to fishery resources as well as the Black Sea shelf ecosystem as a whole. It is urgent to take measures for the conservation of these habitats.



Institute of the Biology of the Southern Seas, Ecology of Benthos Department

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