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II International Conference «Plant Kingdom in the Red Data Book of Ukraine: Implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation» / ІІ Міжнародна конференція

«Рослинний світ у Червоній книзі України: впровадження Глобальної стратегії збереження рослин»


Conference has been held at the National Arboretum "Sofiyivka" (Sofiyivsky Park) NAS of Ukraine.

Main topics of the conference:

1. Conceptual issues of "The Red Data Book of Ukraine. Plant Kingdom" and conservation lists of other levels.

2. Rare species of vascular plants: taxonomic, geographical, biological and ecological aspects.

3. Rare species of non-vascular plants and fungi.

4. Ex situ and in situ conservation of rare species of plants and fungi.

72 particpants have taken part in the conference.

Dr. NA Milchakova has made an oral presentation the Dynamics of coenopopulations and conservation of macrophytes on the Black Sea shelf (Ukrainian part).

She's discussed the long-term changes of protected and key species of Black Sea macrophytes in the coastal zone of Ukraine. To clarify the description of red-list species (Red Data Book of Ukraine, 2009) and to make a list of prospective macroalgae have been proposed with regard to their status and role in the coastal ecosystem. The necessity of coordination of scientific data and economic interests of the state has been shown.



The А.О. Kovalevskiy Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine

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