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The International Day of the Black Sea / Международный день Черного моря


Variety of activities and the roundtable discussion "The Black Sea: the present and the future ..." have been organized on the occasion of the International Day of the Black Sea at the Crimean Scientific Center (Simferopol). The event was organized by the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine, the Marine Hydrophysical Institute NAS of Ukraine, the Russian Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Russia, Moscow), the Taurida National University and the Karadag Nature Reserve.

Oral scientific reports by Dr. AR Boltachev, Dr. NA Mlchakova, D.Sc. EE Sovga and research assistant EP Karpova have been presented at the roundtable meeteng. They discussed environmental problems of the Black Sea, its biological and mineral resources, the state of the marine and freshwater fish fauna, the role of maritime museums and collections for the promotion of scientific knowledge.

Presentations of new scientific and popular books published by the BusinessInform Publishers (Crimea) have been held during the Black Sea Day. New scientific books have been presented:

AR Boltachev, EP Karpov "Marine fish of the Crimean Peninsula";

EP Karpov, AR Boltachev "Fish of the Crimean Peninsula inland waters";

VN Eremeev, AR Boltachev, BG Aleksandrov, SV Alyomov, YuA Zagorodnya, EP Karpova, LA Manzhos, VV Gubanov. «Biological diversity of the coastal zone of the Crimean peninsula: problems, preservation and restoration pathways».

Two exhibitions have been organized at the Crimean Scientific Center from 18 to 31 October as a part of the celebration of the Day of the Black Sea. One of them was the first solo exhibition of Anatoly Nikolayevich Makoedov (D.Sc., Director of the Russian Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Moscow) "My Black Sea" with about 60 pictures. The second exhibition, "Black Sea through the eyes of children", was organized by students of the Crimean small academy of arts and crafts. The best 30 works (watercolor, gouache) of talented young artists from all over the Crimea were presented too.

Celebrating the Day of the Black Sea was completed with a small concert of classical music and performance of songs by the artists of the Crimean Philharmonic.



The А.О. Kovalevskiy Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine

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