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NTS – TV channel «Independent TV of Sevastopol» / НТС – телеканал «Независимое телевидение Севастополя»


TV news program "Sevinformbureau", "Study, extend and conserve" reporting / Программа «Севинформбюро» репортаж «Изучить, расширить и сохранить»


The reporting has told about the seminar "Problems and prospects of the Black Sea MPAs", which has been held at the IBSS NAS of Ukraine and have been organized by the Phytorsources Lab (coord. Dr. N. Milchakova) with the participation of MHI NASU researchers.

4 oral reports have been presented at the seminar:

1. Dr. NA Milchakova, Head of the Phytoresources Lab IBSS. Expanding the network of MPAs at the coast of Crimea and the Black Sea region as one of the objectives of the COCONET project in the EU 7th Framework Programme.

2. OYu Soldatkin, Head of the Marine Department of the National Park "The Beautiful Harbor", SA Stepanenko, inspector of the Marine Department of the National Park "The Beautiful Harbor". Prospects for development of marine scientific research in the coastal zone of the Tarkhankutskiy Peninsula in collaboration with IBSS NASU experts.

3. DV Shamrey. Experience of underwater photo and video recording of marine aquatic organisms in various regions of the Eurasia southern seas.

4. Dr. VV Alexandrov. Use of underwater photography to identify marine biotope features, a practical advice.

It was stressed that there are 700 MPAs in the Mediterranean but 45 only in the Black Sea. Moreover, majority of these areas have the lowest conservation status. Discussion was focused on a new national park has been created at the Tarhankut peninsula and use of photo and video recording in marine research.

N. Milchakova, Head of the Phytoresources Lab. of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas said: "The program of the seminar is connected to the CoCoNet project, in which we are participating. We look forward to an increase in protected coastal waters in the Crimea at Tarkhankutskiy peninsula".

O. Soldatkin, Head of Marine Department of the National Park "The Beautiful Harbor" said that professional marine divers will conduct investigations according to a joint program developed by the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas to study fauna and flora, to make up an inventory of marine habitats.

N. Milchakova: "We also attract divers which support us in an underwater photo and video recording."

D. Shamrey, diver: "Photographic images allow to draw conclusions about changes in the environment of the Black Sea under human influence. I dived for a long time, from 1996, and the changes are often visible to the naked eye."



The А.О. Kovalevskiy Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine
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