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"Slava Sevastopolya" – a daily local newspaper / «Слава Севастополя» – ежедневная городская газета.


Alexander Kalko "The breath of the Zernov's Field" / Александр Калько "Дыхание "Поля Зернова"


This autumn the central part of the Karkinitskiy Gulf of the Black Sea with an area of 385 sq. km has been declared a botanical preserve of national importance by the Presidential Decree. The scientific justification of the proposed preserve was prepared with the participation of the scientists of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas including Dr. Natalia Milchakova, Head of the Phytoresources Lab, IBSS.

She stressed the uniqueness of the aggregations of unattached form of Phyllophora algae. They acts as a "lungs" of the Black Sea producing oxygen which is necessary for all organisms of the bottom communities. Sergei A. Zernov who was the discoverer of the large Phyllophora field found more then 100 species of hydrobionts there. Dr. N. Milchakova told about S.A. Zernov scientific researh and the history of discovering the field.

During the 1970-90s seven scientific expeditions was performed by the IBSS researches, photo-recording of Phyllophora and experimental works were carried out by using the submersible research laboratory "Benthos-300". The investigations revealed degradation of the Phyllophora field: at the moment of discovering the Phyllophora stock was about 11 million tons, in 50s – two times less and in the beginning of 70s – 1.5-2 million tons only. In 2010-2011 several expeditions of the IBSS RV Prof. Vodyanitskiy have been completed and researchers could not find any Phyllophora commercial resources in the Zernov's Field.

The main causes of the Phyllophora field decline are polluted water inflow from rivers, transport flows increase, poaching fish with bottom trawls, sand mining and a new threat of the offshore gas extraction. In 2008 the preserve "Zernov's Phyllophora Field" has been created to protect this area.

Unlike the Zernov's field the Small Phyllophora Field which was discovered by the famous IBSS algologist A.A. Kalugina-Gutnik in 1963 is in much better condition. She proposed to protect this area in 1993, but this became a reality this year only. Creation of the preserve is an important step to protect and restore these large aggregations of unattached Phyllophora.



The А.О. Kovalevskiy Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine
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