Media Coverage Report for CoCoNET WP7 - Sevastopol, Ukraine


16 January 2013


Sevastopol, Ukraine



Name of media

TV Channel «Pervy Sevastopol'sky» / телеканал «Первый Севастопольский»


TV program "In the know": The "Specialists of IBSS: We are an unique institution..." interview / Программа «В курсе дела», интервью «Специалисты ИнБЮМ: "Мы – учреждение уникальное...".»


The TV program was devoted to the IBSS research and social activity in 2012 including participation in the CoCoNET project. The scientists from IBSS Prof. Yu. Tokarev, Dr. N. Milchakova, Dr. Yu. Korneychuk and Dr. Sc. V. Ryabushko took part in the TV program and discussed the scientific potential of IBSS, its international cooperation, participation in EU research programs, development of new bio-technologies and the problems of nature conservation in Ukraine.

1. D.Sc Yu.N.Tokarev, Deputy director of IBSS, has said about IBSS scientific capabilities. Recently, IBSS is the largest hydrobiological institute in Ukraine. He told about the scientific collections of IBSS including marine flora and fauna, the specimens were collected from over the World. Important part of IBSS activity is the international cooperation, participation in various international research projects including EU 7th framework programme. It is a great opportunity to exchange of ideas and to share the investigations with the international scientific community, to support the training for young researchers. Yu.N.Tokarev have been stressed also a common problem existing in Ukraine: the scientist's opinion don't take very often into account by policymakers.

2. Dr. N.A. Milchakova, Head of the Phytoresources Lab, IBSS has said about the IBSS herbarium which is comprised more than 30,000 macroalgae and seagrass specimens collected for over a century from over the World. She is panning to create the education and information center by marine flora on the basis of IBSS Herbarium. She stressed that it is important for IBSS scientists to participate in the CoCoNET project and to learn the European experience in the marine nature protection. Although there are 45 MPA and coastal protected areas in the Black Sea, but level of their conservation is very low. One of the goals of CoCoNET project is to define the most valuable areas of the Black Sea to organize an international MPA network. She also said about necessity for development of rational scientifically based strategy of development of Crimean region including new protected areas creation.

3. Dr. Yu.M.Korniychuk, Scientific secretary of IBSS told about IBSS participation in various Ukrainian expositions, developing of new marine technologies and the wishes to invite the businessmen and investors to use scientific data . Every spring IBSS invites the local children and students to take part in the Open Door Day, hold the Science Fest for students, pupils of the biological branch of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine which is functioned on the basis of IBSS.

4. D.Sc V.I. Ryabushko, Head of the Aquaculture and Marine Pharmacology Department, IBSS said about the prospects of flatfish, Rapana venosa, oysters and mussels cultivation in the Black Sea basing on the aquaculture investigations at IBSS. He told about the work on the obtaining biologically active substances from marine organisms: macro- and microalgae, molluscs and fishes. He said the innovative technology of including nano-silver particles into the marine algae biopolymer has been developed, pilot production of the medicines has been established too.



more as 300 viewers of this program to February, 2, 2012


The А.О. Kovalevskiy Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine




16 January 2013

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