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How could small Anchovy get recovered?


Because of fishing activity, fish stock levels have reduced to minimum. Especially, overfishing on Anchovy smaller than 9 cm.

As the fish amount caught decreasing scientists and civil society organizations have taken action on this subject. In 2007 a campaign started for Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix). 6900 tons Bluefish were caught in 2007 and after the campaign it has increased to 7400 tons by 2012. But, still, such campaigns has to be done for other species damaged.

President of TUDAV (Turkish Marine Research Foundation) Prof. Dr. Bayram Öztürk says:”In consequence of overfishing our fish stocks in Black Sea are reducing. While fishing amount needs to be 110 tons/year, it stays at 80 tons/year. And 30tons/year remain provided by aquaculture.”

9 scientists from EU project of CoCoNet (Towards Coast to Coast Networks of MPAs coupled with Sea-based Wind Energy Potential) works for sustainable fishing, marine ecosystem and biodiversity in Black Sea. Within CoCoNet project, TUDAV has proposed to authorities to assess 5 region in Black Sea to be marine protected areas.



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16 January 2013

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