A conversation about CoCoNet 2nd General Assembly has been made on a Radio channel by Montenegro partner Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor


 22. 02. 2014





Name of media

 Radio Kotor


Experience from Athens usefull for MPA that Montenegro doesn't have so fare


Annual meeting of the project CoCoNet was held in Athens where achived results were presented and plans for future activites are indicated. The main goals in the projects are to produce the guidelines to design, manage and monitor network of MPAs, and to enriched wind atlas for both the Mediterranean and the Black Seas.

Workshop on sensitivity of MPA network to threats was held after annual meeting. Although Montenegro doesn't have MPA it was important to follow these activites in order to better understand threats affecting MPAs. The goal achieved was the identification of the list of indicators of threats that could perform the best deal between availability and pertinence.




Institute of marine biology, Kotor, Montenegro


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16 January 2013

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