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Meeting of researchers in summer school on the environment in Rabat


Rabat hosts, from 8th summer school 2014, on the environment and good practices for marine protected areas in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The speakers and the participants will discuss the quality of the marine environment and all issues related to the networks of marine protected areas.The summer session, organized by the Scientific Institute of Rabat and supervised by the Presidency of the Mohammed V University, aims to analyze the 11 specifications of environmental conditions of good practices for the marine waters of the European Union developed by DG environment of the European Commission, taking into account the contribution of clean energy production through offshore wind farms to obtain a healthy environment. The program of the summer session begins with a general introduction on good environmental conditions and MPAs, followed by a series of conferences on 11 key descriptors set by the Directorate General Environment of the European Commission, delivered by teachers and specialists from various European countries. Will attend this international meeting, about 40 specialists, researchers and some leaders of non-governmental organizations of MPAs, belonged to 14 countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Romania, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Montenegro and Albania) to 13th September, the session of the program CoCoNet




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16 January 2013

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