Apolitical ecology united Black Sea countries



04 November, 2015


Black Sea / Russia



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Apolitical ecology united Black Sea countries



Nonpolitical ecology

On 29-30 October there were the Black sea days in Istanbul. There were several events related to these issues. Different discussions gathered journalists, scientists from the Black sea region. It is to point out that the participants from Russia and Ukraine sat at the table to work together.

During the events there were presentations of such ecological projects like CoCoNet, PERSEUS, EMBLAS, DEVOTES, which are realized to improve a sea ecology. Participants from Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia were involved into the discussions.  Different working groups have been working for many years to harmonize the sea-related legislation to protect ecology of the Black sea in cooperation.

Professor Bayram Ozturk from the Foundation on sea researches made a presentation of the project CoCoNet. He said that the ecology can be more than protection of the environment, pointing out that there is a base for ecological tourism. It will make possible not just protect the environment, but also to earn money from the tourism.

The organizers insisted that the best practices and experiences should be used to make the Black sea projects even better. As an example the Mediterranean Sea projects were mentioned.

During the events participants from each Black sea countries were awarded for their contribution to the improvement of the Black sea ecology.

The events were closed by dances of the Turkish Karadeniz folklore band.





Istanbul University


Bayram Öztürk

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