Will the Black Sea coast become new Antalya?



2 November, 2015





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Will the Black Sea coast become new Antalya?



29, 30 October held a Congress devoted to the issues of the Black Sea coast in the framework Convention for the protection of the Black Sea, which is a major route for global transport of gasoline or oil, constant flow of tankers and other large ships, day and night. Presented 6 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia are working in the Commission.Country Commissions discussed the work on the protection of the Black Sea.-Professor of the Istanbul University Bayram Ozturk presented a program COCONET until 2020 with the support of the Turkish government and the European Union to implement the establishment of specially protected areas in the black sea.The complex project includes the development of a new direction for the black sea coast of Turkey"EcoTourism". Next year it is planned the first presstour for the acquaintance with the tourist routes. And it is possible that -holiday on the black sea in Turkey will become not less popular than holidays in Antalya, because the direction of Eco tourism is becoming every day more popular not only for Europeans but also for the Russians.




Istanbul University


Bayram Öztürk

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