CoCoNET Press Release 3

Coconet Project  continues to call for action for the future of  the Mediterranean and Black Seas

The CoCoNET Project, (Coast to Coast NETworks), which involves more than 400 researchers from 39 institutions, kicked off on Feb. 27 in Rome. After the kick off meeting, representatives of the program gather in Istanbul on May 7 and briefed the press members about the project.

The press meeting hosted by Dr. Ferdinando Boero, coordinator of the project and coordinator for the National Research Council of Italy and Dr. Bayram Öztürk, work package 7 leader, a professor of marine sciences at Istanbul University and chair of the Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV).

Dr.Boero had explained the importance of the Mediterranean to the press members and also gave details about the CoCoNET project.

Next important step: Monitoring marine invasive species

Under the CoCoNET Project, a very important workshop on monitoring the European seas will be held in September 12-14th in Lecce, Italy.

"Molecular tools for monitoring marine invasive species in European seas" is organized within the 2011-2014 European Community project VECTORS ("Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas- marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors") (, and under the endorsements of two new EC projects (2012-2015): PERSEUS ("Policy-orientated marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas") ( and CoCoNET ("Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas - from the shore to the high and deep sea -, coupled with sea-based wind energy potential) (

The workshop is intended to extend the use of molecular tools by European research groups engaged in monitoring changes in the marine environment as a result of the novel success of invasive alien species or of the spread of native species with increasing competitive performance and outbreak potentials.

Expected outcomes of the meeting include formulation of recommendations and guidelines for marine organisms and the promotion of a samples bank for research and future reference by the research community.

Meeting in Istanbul

The first joint meeting for CoCoNet Pilot Projects will be held in Istanbul, 16-17 July 2012. The details of the PPs in the Mediterranean and Black Seas will be discussed inviting all participants involved in the PPs as well as WP leaders.

Summer Course in University of Perpignan

This summer a very important topic for those who are interested in will be discussed in the University of Perpignan, France in June 25th- July 1st

Meta-analysis is the quantitative synthesis and analysis of a collection of independent studies. It provides a more objective and powerful way of summarising evidence across studies than descriptive reviews. The importance and utility of this quantitative method for answering new questions and synthesizing existing results in different fields of scientific research is demonstrated by the dramatic increase in the number of studies using meta-analysis in the last ten years.

The course will provide the basics of meta-analysis. The emphasis of the course is both on the conceptual understanding and practical use of this method, as applied to ecological questions. It will consist of lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

Workshop in Barcelona

Workshop on synthesis on knowledge on genetic connectivity in mediterranean and black sea is held in Barcelona at the 11th and 13th of June. The aim of this workshop was to identify the existing network of connectivity in the mediterranean and black sea to assess the current effectiveness of the present network of MPAs for favouring conservation.

With this workshop the development of the most appropriate framework for genetic data storage for mapping and analysis of connectivity has been realised by the participants.

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