CoCoNET Press Release 4


Scientists Are Searching for the Genetical Codes of the

Mediterranean and Black Sea

The CoCoNET Project (Coast to Coast NETworks) which aims to increase the number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean and Black Sea is proceeding with workshops to identify the physical and biological connections between the two seas.

Executive Summary of the workshop on "Synthesis on knowledge on genetic connectivity in Mediterranean and Black Sea" held on 11th-13th June 2012 at Institud d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, Spain.

Genetic connectivity has been studied in different species along the area, with different markers and at various geographical scales. However, the information gained through those studies has not been integrated and related to the features of connectivity identified by modeling efforts as essential to resilience.

The Workshop aimed in the first place, to identify the existing network of connectivity using similar approaches in both the Mediterranean and Black Sea. For that purpose, the existing knowledge concerning genetic connectivity and biodiversity distribution was combined with new coordinated investigations using the concerted protocols in the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

Another important goal of the workshop was to assess the current effectiveness of the present MPA network, and then, to provide useful hints for the improvement of MPA networks in the Mediterranean and Black Sea for more effective conservation.

In that context, the identification of areas and taxon groups lacking genetic studies, but fundamental to assess connectivity in the study region, has been overviewed during the workshop.

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