CoCoNET Press Release 6

August, 2012

CoCoNET Project is focusing on the European Union protocols for data sharing


The virtual workshop on existing EU protocols and standards for data and metadata sharing, rules for dataflow between partners and design of COCONET Data Model led by Federica Foglini and Devrim Tezcan took place between 23-30 July 2012, and was attended by 25 participants from 11 countries.

Four experts in Spatial Data Infrastructure implementation, INSPIRE Directive and Metadata Standards joined the discussions: Paola Carrara and Alessandro Oggioni (CNR-IREA), Alessandro Sarretta (CNR-ISMAR and JRC) and Peter Thijsse (data manager at MARIS (Maritime Information Systems AS expert in Metadata implementation and development) Seadatanet representative).

This workshop represents the first fundamental step of the "Data Management and synthesis" to provide a valuable common framework for data management.

The aim of the workshop was to reach an agreement of the entire consortium involved at different levels concerning the EU metadata standards and protocols, the metadata editing tools, the architecture of the Geodatabase and the data flow schema.

Monitoring Marine Invasive Species

"Molecular tools for monitoring marine invasive species in European seas" will be held in September 12-14th 2012, in Lecce, Italy.

This workshop is organized within the 2011-2014 European Community project VECTORS ("Vectors of Change in Oceans and Seas- marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors") and under the endorsements of two new EC projects (2012-2015): PERSEUS ("Policy-orientated marine Environmental Research for the Southern European Seas")  and CoCoNET ("Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas - from the shore to the high and deep sea -, coupled with sea-based wind energy potential)

The workshop is intended to extend the use of molecular tools by European research groups engaged in monitoring changes in the marine environment as a result of the novel success of invasive alien species or of the spread of native species with increasing competitive performance and outbreak potentials.

The aim of the workshop will be to gather world-wide renowned experts to jointly review scientific issues, existing methods, technical difficulties associated with development of sophisticated tools, and to consider the usefulness of DNA-based technologies for variousapplications relevant to invasive species monitoring

Expected outcomes of the meeting include formulation of recommendations and guidelines for marine organisms and the promotion of a samples bank for research and future reference by the research community. The meeting will also offer an opportunity for discussing future collaborations between groups and submission of joint research proposals.

For further information please contact

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