CoCoNET Press Release 10

December, 2012


Virtual Workshop on Multi Scale Basin-wide Circulations

One of the important CoCoNet workshops on "Multi scale basin-wide circulations" was organized by Antonio Felice Petrillo (CoNISMa) and took place between 26 November and 4 December, 2012. It was attended by 37 researchers from 18 institutions in 9 countries. During this virtual workshop, it was aimed to collect and discuss existing knowledge on multi scale basin-wide circulations in Mediterranean and Black Sea, to collect the workshop participants information on mathematical models of circulation and diffusion of the various parameters on their calibration and their performance, to define the mathematical models best suited to achieve the objectives of the CoCoNet Project. The workshop was organized as four sessions, such as Ocean Circulation Models (OCM), Coupled Transport-Ecological Model (CTEM) - Modelling impacts of climate change and climate variability on ocean circulation and ocean ecological properties. Most suitable models on hydrodynamic and environmental dynamics with respect to present and potential distribution of MPAs were discussed. Data analyses (including long time series of ocean data and satellite remote sensing derived information) of the most important parameters are to be considered in CoCoNet Project.

A wide range of case studies were shared among the participants, focusing such as analysed objectives, domain examined, spatial and temporal resolution; available/required knowledge; parameterization; computational requirement; computation time; input and output data; model calibration by field data.

The state of the know-how on the circulation of the main physical, chemical, biological and geological parameters in the Mediterranean and Black Sea by the expertises of all participants, and a preliminary selection of software on hydrodynamic and environmental dynamics to be used in CoCoNet were discussed.

CoCoNet General Assembly

CoCoNet will celebrate the completion of its first year in January 2013. General Assembly will be held in Rome on 29-30 January 2013. From the beginning of the project up to today, all works will be evaluated to improve the future activities to achieve better results. While the results of CoCoNet Project will be essential to reach the Aichi target by 2020, all Black and Mediterranean Sea scientists, stakeholders and managers should devote themselves to reach this target. The general assembly will be an important step towards our common goal by exchanging opinions and experiences in the first year as well as by motivating participants of the project.

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