CoCoNET Press Release 17


July , 2013



Marine scientists from 22 countries over 3 continents (Africa, Asia and Europe) will meet in Odessa (Ukraine) next 29th and 30th July to discuss on the future strategies for the protection of the marine environment both Black and Mediterranean seas. The opportunity will be the 2nd Joint Pilot Projects Meeting of the EC 7FP project "CoCoNet", where the scientific hypothesis aiming at creating a network of Marine Protected Areas and evaluating the feasibility to develop clean energy sources such as Offshore Wind Farms will be tested. This important event is organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural institute in Ukraine.

The meeting will be held in the Odessa State Environmental University, will gather researchers from different scientific branches whose objective is the creation of common guidelines for the identification and the management of MPA's networks in the Mediterranean and the Black seas and to carry out feasibility studies on the OWF in both seas.

Environmental protection and sustainable exploitation of natural resources are the keywords of this scientific community that gathers 50 researchers from 39 institutes. They will have the opportunity to develop, through science, an overall view for the protection of the natural environment, who knows no borders or private interests. Once more the environmental sciences unite people. The Odessa meeting is a step further in this direction and coordinated by the Institute of Marine Sciences of the Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISMAR), under the scientific lead of Prof. Ferdinando Boero (University of Salento-CoNISMa, and associated to CNR-ISMAR), the CoCoNet project promotes the relationship among the scientific communities of the involved countries, strengthens the exchange of ideas, expertise and know-how that will promote the protection of both seas within Mediterranean and Black Seas basin.

As already known that , Mediterranean and Black Seas are suffers from the overfishing , alien species , climate change , various type of pollution such as oil spill and land base pollution . Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) is one of the major solution to mitigate this kind of problem in the entire basin. Overall aim of the project is to encourage and promote to designation of more Marine Protected Areas in Black and Mediterranean seas.

We invite you to this important meeting at the historical city of Odessa of the Ukraine .We believe international cooperation and concerted action to halt and mitigate ecological crises.

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