CoCoNET Press Release 21


November, 2013

CoCoNet for Kids

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are regions of the seas where habitats are protected by limiting and controlling human activities. CoCoNet is a unique large project for networking such MPAs which includes both the Black and Mediterranean Seas. Now, the CoCoNet Project is initiating new educational acitivites called "CoCoNet Kids". With CoCoNet kids, childrencan search and understand MPAs more easily On CoCoNet website (, there is a banner for kids. By clicking this banner, children can reach CoCoNet Kids microsite (

There are eight sections on this site; 'home page', 'marine protected areas', 'off-shore wind farms', 'Coconet brochures and posters downloads', 'game and acitivites', 'teacher's zone' , 'gallery' and 'about'. The first section is for Marine Protected Areas, with examples from Georgia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom, and Ukraine. In offshore wind farm (OWF) section, there is a short history of wind farms all around the the world. Downloads section include brochures and posters of CoCoNet and its related subects, such as off-shore wind farm and biodiversity. Children can download these cololurful and informative materials easily.

In Coconet Kids website, there is another interesting section called games and activities. In this section, there are two interactive games; the BIODIVERTER (about marine biodiversity) and COCONET (about MPAs and OWF). Also in the activity section, there are puzzles, word search puzzle, role play and arts/crafts.

To learn more details about marine biodiveristy, MPAs, etc, you can search in teacher's zone. Gallery section has many photos and videos of underwater flora and fauna of the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Country representatives and their contact information are shown in 'about' section in case children want to ask a question about CoCoNet and MPAs.

With CoCoNet Kids web site, scientists expect children to learn with fun the importance of biodiversity in the Mediterannean and Black Sea as well as MPAs and renewable energy sources like OWF.



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