CoCoNET Press Release 15

MAY 2013

CoCoNet Partners Joined European Maritime

CoCoNet is a unique large project for Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) which includes both the Black and Mediterranean Seas. One of the CoCoNet partners, Univeresity of Malta, attended the 6th edition of the European Maritime Day Conference in Valletta, Malta on May 21-22, 2013. CoCoNet partners were among the 847 participants from European and the Mediterranean maritime community that attended the Conference. In the heart of the discussions were the problems of the seas and oceans and the wealth and opportunities for their communities. As a representative of CoCoNet, University of Malta, was also given an opportunity to present the information on CoCoNet with a kiosk at the Maritime conference. There were high-level political debates as well as more practical exchanges between maritime stakeholders. The European Maritime Day 2013 was organised by The European Commission (DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries) in partnership with the Maltese Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, and the Maltese Ministry for Tourism.
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